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Do you have an approved or potential development site?

Do you own land, work as a land agent, or developer with an approved or potential development site? Gallery Group is actively seeking development sites and would like to speak with you.

As more people move to South East Queensland, the demand for land and property has increased, leading many property owners to inquire about selling their property to a developer. It's an excellent time to ask this question, and Gallery Group, property acquisition experts, are here to assist you.

South East Queensland is experiencing an unprecedented demand for new build apartments, townhomes, and land parcels, with limited supply in the pipeline. If you're curious about whether your property is suitable for development, there's never been a better time to take advantage


Options for Selling Your Property to a Developer

Depending on your specific circumstances, there are several options to consider when selling your property. When negotiating a land sale with a developer, the most common options are an option agreement, list price, or a joint venture.


Option Agreement

Option Agreement

Option Agreement

Option agreements allow developers to secure the purchase of a property while conducting their due diligence with feasibilities, planning, and council requirements. As the seller (vendor) under a property option agreement, you can secure a premium price for your property from a reputable developer (buyer) who will complete the project and settle the purchase of the site.

The vendor and buyer agree to a sale price, and the vendor receives an option fee (as negotiated). The buyer pays the full price at the agreed timeframe outlined in the option agreement, usually between 6 and 18 months. If the feasibility, planning, or funds for the development cannot be secured within the agreed timeframe, the buyer forfeits the option fee, which the vendor retains, and both parties walk away.


Outright Sale

List Price

List Price

A list price is a standard property transaction where the vendor and buyer agree to a sale price. In this case, the developer (buyer) agrees to pay the agreed price in cash at settlement. It is common for this type of transaction to have lengthy settlement terms or conditions, such as being subject to receiving a development approval.


Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Option Agreement

In a joint venture, one person contributes the land, and the other person carries out the development. It is common for the developer to pay the development costs, and for the parties to share in the proceeds once the developed products (lots) are sold. The landowner provides the land and access to the property for the developer and its consultants.

The costs are determined on a case-by-case basis as to who pays for what. For example, the landowner may continue to pay for rates, water, land tax, and other property outgoings through the development, while the developer pays for the development approval, construction, sales, and marketing. The JV agreement is customized to suit the parties involved in the transaction. There are several common ways to deal with the development fee or profit sharing.

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