Brisbane taking New York’s lead: Central Park in the Sunshine State’s Capital

Brisbane just revealed the masterplan to transform Victoria Park into the city’s biggest park in over 50 years. The plan includes a natural oasis – 45 hectares of greenspace right in the heart of Brisbane and offers basically everything to everyone. The park is tipped to compete against the iconic Central Park in the big apple.

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park in New York

The Central Park, located in Manhattan, New York is one of the most well-known and most visited parks in the world. Over 25 million people from all over visit the urban park yearly. Central Park is also is largely associated with New York’s history, culture, people and lifestyle.

The park along with the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building makes manhattan one of the top tourist attractions not only in the US but throughout the globe. The park plays a major role in the tourism industry of the US.

Central Park has over 200 features including the Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Sheep Meadow and strawberry fields created to pay tribute to the late music legend, John Lennon. The park also houses a skating rink from October to April. It also has a natural retreat called the Mall covered by a canopy of huge trees. A perfect way to escape the busy streets of the city.

Victoria Park of Brisbane

Unique Experiences

Brisbane - Victoria Park revamp

Nature and Water Play Gully : Photo by Brisbane City Council

Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner said the park “is going to be a sanctuary in the city for residents and visitors.” The vision of the park offers unique experiences in a series of state-of-the-art social and cultural venues. A hilltop entertainment precinct for festivals, concerts and community gatherings is one major highlight. Another one is an area exclusive for small urban farming and community gardens. The entire greenspace of the park will be expanded and then protected for future generations to enjoy.

There will also be wetlands, waterholes and even a nature and water play gully. But, the major attraction of the park will be the world-class Cultural Hub. This standout attraction will have 3 constructed ecosystems that will shelter South East Queensland’s coastal communities, distinct landscapes and subtropical rainforest.

Culture and Conservation

Brisbane - Victoria Park revamp

Small Urban Farm and Garden: Photo by Brisbane City Council

The park will also celebrate cultural authenticity of significant sites to the Aboriginals. The masterplan includes reinstating original lagoons and waterways in respect of the Aboriginal people and the rich cultural heritage they preserve.

Biodiversity and sustainability are also key factors in the park’s mission to establish a better environment for the entire city and further research on the healing properties of native plants. Just outside the park is a remnant spotted gum woodland. There are new gum planting plans to strengthen this habitat as well as rally behind Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992.

The park will also make the city more liveable with more trees to provide clean air and open spaces for different activities. A quick escape from the cityscape. It will also provide an urban habitat for wildlife. This is what Central Park did for New York’s environment. The same would apply on the Victoria Park and Brisbane, only better.


Brisbane - Victoria Park revamp

Photo by Brisbane City Council

Brisbane is hoping to work with Australia’s top architects to design and build new structures inspired by the Indigenous shelters or gunyahs. There will also be a treehouse with a twisting form that will appear like it’s floating.

Other features

There will also be designated spaces for health and recreation, dining, picnic, performances, exhibits, adventure and more. To make things better, the park will be a dog-friendly destination with dog off-leash areas in the blueprint.

Just like with Central Park, the new Victoria Park will have sculptures and artworks scattered all over.

Central Park vs New Victoria Park

Central Park has been around since 1858 and it is 340 hectares in size. It has been essential for the people of New York in the past and the present. Victoria Park is focused on providing a better envinronment and lifestyle for the future generation.

New Victoria Park to Drive the Brisbane Property Market

Brisbane is predicted to see the biggest house price rise of 20 per cent by 2022. This is bigger compared to any other capital city in the same period. That is why more and more investors are considering Brisbane as a viable option for property investment right now.

The new Victoria Park will drive tourism attracting national and international visitors alike. Just like what Central Park did for Manhattan. Stronger tourism will then result in new job opportunities which will then result in an increase in demand for shelter.

According to the Queensland Government 9.1 per cent or more than 217,000 employees of the Queensland workforce in 2019 are working directly and indirectly for the tourism industry. The park will create new job opportunities during and after the construction and development process.

One guiding principle of the Victoria Park vision is to reconnect the busy city and the parkland so people can enjoy the best of both worlds. Local conveniences and amenities are among the many features of the park that will make Brisbane more liveable for everyone. That means Brisbane will become one of the top global tourism and business destinations.

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