Client Construction Portal: Giving Investors the Edge They Need

Thanks to the Client Construction Portal, building your property is now a stress-free process. No longer worry about the time-consuming and stressful factors during the construction process with full transparency at each progress milestone. Spend more focused-time to evaluate and determine the next step of your property investment venture.

Real Time Access

Client Construction Portal

Real Time Access anywhere and anytime

With automation and cloud computing, property investors are more confident in building a property instead of buying an existing one. The Client Construction Portal gives investors real time access to the entire construction process of their property. This results in a transparent and stress-free experience between investors, sales partners and Gallery Homes.

Think of it as a live online feed of the construction of your home you can check anytime and anywhere.

Communication Barrier Broken Down

Traditionally, it has always been a hassle spending hours on the phone just to get updates about the construction progress of your property. Instead of productive communication, it becomes a hindrance that affects the construction progress as well as your personal commitments – especially if you live interstate.

The Client Construction Portal broke down the traditional communication means. It transformed the construction process into a more efficient,automated and delightful experience. The portal stores and distributes all information about the construction of your property. Progressive communication between parties involved in a construction project is key for success. As an investor, it is important that you are familiar with all the features of your property. You are then able to find value in every dollar and resource you use for this investment of yours.

Proper Documentation

Client Construction Portal

Entering, accessing and retrieving documents is easier with the client portal. Every piece of information and documentation about the varying aspects of the construction process of your property in a handy and secure location.

Content like photos, videos, graphs, reports and more can also be integrated into this portal. Because of this, keeping your clients up to speed about the construction details of your property is easy and accurate.

Problem Solving

During the construction process, you need to know how to deal with different problems. With resolving these problems, everything does not fall on your shoulder alone. With the Client Construction Portal, you and the people you are working with can address certain problems collectively.

Determine things that need improvement and capitalise on those. Remember that you are the investor and your insights matter. These information will impact the viability of your property as an investment in the near or far future. It is important to get the expertise of your partners when making big decisions.

Maximise Your Investment

As the investor, you need to be on top of things before, during and after the construction process. The Client Construction Portal will allow you to do just that.

It is not just about building your property but maximising it either you want to sell it after ten years or rent it to someone. In other words, you need to make sure that your property investment offers the best in terms of structure, design and other features.


Gallery Group’s Client Construction Portal offers all of this plus a team of construction and property management specialists. Above all they are ready to give you a hand with your property investment venture. If you are a property investor or someone planning to build a prestige luxury home, our construction portal will give you the edge you need.

To learn more about Gallery Group’s Client Construction Portal and how it can help you with your investment, click here to talk to us today.