Gallery Group Is Leading The Way In Response To Market Price Increases

Gallery Group Is Leading The Way In Response To Market Price Increases

After kicking off the year with a housing boom, behind the scenes, builders have been scrambling to cope with a nationwide supply shortage and jaw-droppingly high prices.

Despite significant drops in framing lumber prices after the timber price explosion earlier in 2021, other building material prices have seen a price increase of approximately 19.4% in the past 12 months alone. 

According to the National Association of Home Builders, shortages in building supplies and their increase in value saw an average price escalation of $36,000 per single-family home. These price increases have been a make-or-break situation for many builders and, unfortunately, has seen several businesses close as a result.

With mortgage rates at an all-time low, this has been the saving grace for many builders. However, with prices projected to increase even more over the next few months, Gallery Group has reconstructed its build approach responding to market conditions. 

Gallery Group CEO, Adam Barclay, explains, “We’re shifting the business to a model that gives us more flexibility and agility to respond to the market.” Furthermore, “Gallery builds homes designed specifically for clients who want the certainty of price. We believe in being upfront and clear with our clients; that’s why we always use fixed-price contracts to deliver the best homes without any surprises.”

The past 12 months have indeed been challenging in the building industry, but luckily Gallery has had a team of staff committed to producing exceptional results for their customers. 

Along with Gallery Homes’s dedicated team, they partner with only the best and most reputable suppliers in the industry. Over the years, they’ve developed great relationships with suppliers who are proud to work with Gallery Homes. As a result, Gallery has continued to operate smoothly, and customers are reaping the rewards of building with a trustworthy team committed to delivering the best results possible.

“We do our utmost to create your ideal home within your particular lot and budget constraints,” Barclay explains. “Our designs are individual and provide innovative lifestyle solutions, accommodating all budgets, land types, and sizes. Whether you’re a first home buyer, executive couple, growing family, or looking to invest, we have the perfect home for you!”

If you like the idea of a stress-free build with brilliant results, Gallery Groups’ Aspire range offers a streamlined alternative to custom building. It’s faster, easier, and more affordable. It’s the perfect choice for property investors looking to start or add to their portfolio. It’s also ideal for first home buyers or families on a budget. Visit all of the information here or contact us directly.