The Gallery Luxury arm of Gallery Group offers a truly unique home-building experience designed to simultaneously take the guesswork out of residential construction while giving creative control to the homeowner.

Gallery Luxury filled a gap in the market almost a decade ago, transforming Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast into a mecca of luxurious, multi-million dollar residences. And they’ve been building world-class masterpieces ever since.

The company’s success has continued skyward thanks to their stress-free approach, talented team of design and construction professionals, and meticulous customer service.

Our Architect Advantage

Gallery Luxury allows customers to shortlist three architects whose style best reflects their own.
This unique service gives customers total control over the design, and makes the cookie-cutter housing model other builders use, irrelevant at Gallery Luxury.

Once an architect-of-choice is selected, Gallery Luxury brings the vision to life. Working with Gallery Luxury means everything is inclusive – the architect’s fee is built into the price of the home so there are no surprises. Gallery Luxury guarantees quality workmanship, timeless elegance and finishes to outlast a generation.

Our Designs

Customers can choose from two levels of opulence when designing their dream home with Gallery Luxury – Artist Series and Custom.

Carefully considered by industry-leading designers, each collection showcases a range of high-end finishes catering to all tastes. Every turn-key design can be customized to reflect the personal style of the individual, couple or family.

And for peace of mind, all Gallery Luxury homes come with over 200 years of warranties from the date of handover.

The Gallery Luxury Corporate Profile

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If you are wanting an all inclusive luxury home building experience, start your journey with Gallery Luxury. Enquire today for more information on our range of pre-designed luxury homes or a fully customised piece of architectural art.

Tracy Johns