About Specialist Disability Accommodation

Too many people in Australia living with physical and intellectual impairments are struggling to secure appropriate, life liberating accommodation.

At Specialist Disability Accommodation, our mission is to create beautiful homes and communities, giving our clients a sense of dignity, peace, and above all else, freedom.

Being disabled does not mean a person can’t live the best life possible, and we are here to make that happen.

Specialist Disability Accommodation is committed to reaching across all parts of Australia, not just focused on the largest of cities, but equally committed to the regions, and where a need for improved liveability is clear.

We strive to be the best of the best, delivering quality and performance in disability housing.


Quality Protocols Delivery Model

  • Partnering with world’s best practice care providers, recognising that without the best in care, a house will never be a home
  • Prioritising areas for housing development into locations where demand is high and supply is inadequate
  • Employing a team with deep knowledge, passion and compassion for the disability sector, and a genuine desire to make a notable difference to people’s lives
  • Understanding the best in design and functionality and delivering this to all Specialist Disability Accomodation’ housing creations
  • Maintaining a high social agenda to work with governments, the disability sector and the broader community to seek continuous improvement to those needing a voice

Investor Relations

Driven by a strong social investment agenda, Specialist Disability Accomodation’ is fortunate to have the backing of Gallery Securities and it’s Social Impact Fund. Capital is ready to be deployed to support the rollout of Specialist Disability Accomodation homes.

Property Due Diligence and Design

Specialist Disability Accomodation has a team of property and design specialists tasked with securing quality sites, capable of delivering the best-in-class disability housing.

Our due diligence process takes into account demand criteria and matches that against liveability requirements such as proximity to transport, medical support, site topography, social amenity (shops, parks etc) and the broader locational footprint.

Our design focuses on development, including construction materials, size of spaces, technology innovations, care provider provisions, and importantly shared amenity where feasible such as private gardens, therapy pools and exercise/rehabilitation rooms.

Quality Construction Agenda

Led by Gallery Homes and its own construction team, a requirement to introduce other builders will be critical to ensuring delivery across Australia. We will only work with well established and reputable construction partners.

Care Provider Endorsement

Just as Specialist Disability Accommodation strives to be the best of the best as an accommodation provider, we expect the same from those endorsed as care providers within our homes and communities. We work with many of Australia’s leading care providers, both large and small, and we continue to explore new partnership opportunities that lead the way in the delivery of disability care.

Tenancy Endorsement

Specialist Disability Accommodation is always looking to support tenants in securing their homes. We welcome the opportunity to engage with individuals to assess their suitability for housing and set them on the path to a better life. Importantly, we can work with tenants to better understand their NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) needs, and to work with them to establish their level of care, and if necessary, partner them with one of our care providers.

Property Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

Developing beautiful homes and filling them with SDA accredited tenants is only the beginning. Specialist Disability Accommodation has a strong property management team tasked with ensuring tenants have confidence their homes and their communities are always maintained to the highest of possible standards.

Where feasible, our team will seek to introduce further value to our tenants homes, through the delivery of continuous improvement standards focused on best practice liveability.


Unique SDA Developments

At Specialist Disability Accommodation, we know that one size most definitely does not fit all when it comes to SDA Housing. We recognise every person has different needs and desires, and importantly, is required to work within the confines of their individual approvals

We are currently focussing on the creation of beautiful apartment style projects, as well as group homes catering for between 2 and 3 clients.

Importantly, Specialist Disability Accommodation is gearing up to establish a presence across Australia and in currently undergoing a significant acquisition phase with multiple sites now acquired or under due diligence.