Sunshine Coast Strong Economic Future to Drive Property Investment This Year

The Sunshine Coast is looking to drive property investment off the roof this year with its progressive economic future. A handful of majour infrastructure projects are in place to boost the major regional location’s employment, education, health care, transportation and tourism. According to InSynergy Property Wealth Advisory, it is among the top 5 cities set for tremendous property investment growth in 2020.

Big Projects

Sunshine Coast

New CBD concept in SC

The region is well on its way to recording the highest internal migration rate in Australia. By 2041, the region will have at least 7 high-value industries generating more than 100,000 jobs. Big projects within the area include a new CBD valued at over $430 million. As well as the Yaroomba Beach Village for over $900 million. One of the Sunshine Coast’s top objectives is to establish the fastest data and telecommunications transmission connection to Asia. That will see fruition with the ongoing International Submarine Broadband Cable project.

World-Class Amenities

Sunshine Coast

SC Health Institute as part of the region’s health precinct

Healthcare in the region is undergoing serious upgrades with the $1.8 billion investment. The Sunshine Coast Health Precinct is broken down into two projects: the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and the Sunshine Coast Health Institute. The SCUH is the first greenfield hospital in the country in over 25 years. It will reach full capacity by 2021.  As a result, the Health Institute will position Sunshine Coast’s research capabilities on an international level.

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast’s Airport

The Sunshine Coast Aiport will also undergo an expansion. The airport will have its own fully-serviced and world-class aviation facilities. Correspondingly, this project will also give the airport better access to the global tourist market. It will also attract international investors. Other than the airport, the Sunshine Coast Light Rail System and Bruce Highway will also get million-dollar upgrades

Completed Projects

Sunshine Coast

Photo by Sunshine Plaza

Over the years, the SC council along with its strategic partners managed to clear out major projects. These infrastructures include the University of the Sunshine Coast expansion ($81 million), Sunshine Plaza Expansion ($400 million) and the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm. Furthermore, these three projects alone generated more than 5,000 local jobs.

Sunshine Coast’s Property Investment Market

Smart investors are now on the move. Moreover, most of them are looking to invest in properties that are close to the Sunshine Coast’s economic activity. The region’s future is showing long-lasting investments and a strong employment market.

There will also be a diverse mix of small-to-large businesses as well as growth-orientated, pro-business culture. If you are interested in investing or buying a property in Sunshine Coast, Gallery Group will help you determine the ideal area to choose from.