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Letter to investor

Dear Investor,

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Echo Upper Coomera project. We appreciate your commitment to exploring compelling investment opportunities, and we believe that this project presents an outstanding investment opportunity.

Echo Upper Coomera is strategically situated in one of Queensland's fastest-growing regions. This prime development site spans an impressive area, with a project value of $11,255,000 million.

Upper Coomera is known for its robust economic growth, excellent infrastructure, and an array of amenities that contribute to a thriving community. With its strategic position just 25 kilometres from the vibrant Gold Coast. Furthermore, Echo Upper Coomera aligns with a broader trend of significant capital infusion into the Upper Coomera area, notably in infrastructure and transportation initiatives. These investments, totalling billions of dollars, underscore the region's commitment to sustainable growth and development for the area.

Our acquisition of this site includes plans for the subdivision of the site into 18 individual home sites. To assist in funding the acquisition and subdivision works, we are raising $2,000,000 through the issue of Loan Notes in Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd which will lend the funds to Brygon Creek Developments, which owns the property. The Loan Notes offer returns to investors of between 15% to 20% depending on the amount contributed and the distribution frequency you require. We believe this presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Further details of the Loan Terms are outlined below.

We genuinely appreciate your interest and consideration of this exceptional investment opportunity. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We eagerly anticipate the possibility of partnering with you on this venture.

Warm regards,
Adam Barclay
Gallery Group

Investor Snapshot

Investment return is 15-20% per annum

Distributions paid monthly*

Capital Secured against real estate

15 months term

Full 15 months paid if project is completed early

Investor Offer Information

Offer name

Brygon Creek Drive Developments

Company name

Brygon Creek Drive Developments PTY LTD (ACN 632 120 588)

Project Location

94 Brygon Creek Drive,  Upper Coomera

Project deliverables

17 residential land lots and 1 house on a large lot (apprx (1.7ha)

Rate of return (RoR)

15%-20% per annum

Ror details

  • 15% when interest payments are 7.5% paid monthly in arrears and 7.5% payable on completion; or
  • 18% when paid at project completion
  • 20% when paid at project completion and minimum $500,000 investment is made


Monthly or on completion pending investors choice

Stage 1 close date

30th November 2023

Investment term

15 months

Accepted investment amount

Minimum $250,000


See "Risks & risk mitigation" below

Exit strategy

Investor capital and interest will be returned by the sale of the properties upon completion of the project

Delay compensation

20% per annum pro rata for extension beyond 15 month term

Investment structure

Funds are invested into Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd. Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gallery Securities (AFSL#506347).

Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd loans the funds to Brygon Creek Development and the loan is secured with a second mortgage (unregistered) that can be registered in the event of default.

Important Information

Starter – Loan Note Series 1

Minimum investment amount: $250,000.

Interest rate: 15% per annum.

Interest payments: 50% of the interest is payable in 15 equal monthly instalments over the investment term (monthly in arrears) and 50% of the interest is payable on the Redemption Date.

Issue price: $1.00 per Loan Note, payable in full on application.

Investment term: 15 months.

Minimum interest: 15 months of interest is payable even if Loan Notes are redeemed early.

Advantage – Loan Note Series 2

Minimum investment amount: $250,000.

Interest rate: 18% per annum.

Interest payments: Payable on the Redemption Date.

Minimum investment amount: $250,000.

Issue price: $1.00 per Loan Note, payable in full on application.

Investment term: 15 months.

Minimum interest: 15 months of interest is payable even if Loan Notes are redeemed early.

Optima – Loan Note Series 3

Minimum investment amount: $500,000.

Interest rate: 20% per annum.

Interest payments: Payable on the Redemption Date.

Issue price: $1.00 per Loan Note, payable in full on application.

Investment term: 15 months.

Minimum interest: 15 months of interest is payable even if Loan Notes are redeemed early.

Additional features

Issuer: Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd (Gallery Finance)

Security: Gallery Finance has the right to register a second mortgage if Brygon Creek Developments is in breach of the senior finance facility.

Extension: Gallery Finance can extend the term of the Loan Notes for up to six months at its discretion.

Early redemption: Gallery Finance may redeem Loan Notes at any time prior to the Redemption Date by providing 10 Business Days’ notice to the note holders.

Minimum interest: 15 months of interest is payable even if Loan Notes are redeemed early.



Loan Notes


15% to 20% per annum


Investor choice between:

  • 100% on the redemption date; or
  • 50% payable in monthly instalments and 50% on the redemption date (Loan Notes – Series 1 only)

Minimum investment amount

$250,000 – Loan Notes Series 1 and 2
$500,000 – Loan Notes Series 3

Investment term

15 months

Eligible investors

Sophisticated investors only

Closing date

30 November 2023


Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd

interest calculation

The interest distribution over the 15 month investment is identified below.

Loan Notes Series 1
Loan Notes Series 2
Loan Notes Series 3
Amount invested$250,000$250,000$500,000
Interest rate15% per annum18% per annum20% per annum
Frequency50% interest payable in 15 equal monthly instalments and 50% payable on redemptionInterest payable on redemptionInterest payable on redemption
Duration15 months15 months15 months
Monthly interest payment$1,562.50 per month ($23,437.50 in total monthly payments)N/AN/A
Interest on redemption$23,437.50$56,250$125,000
Total interest payable$46,875$56,250$125,000
Total amount payable on redemption$296,875$306,250$625,000


Loan Notes are issued once an application has been accepted and application money has been received in cleared funds.



Total AUD
Gross Sales Revenue$11,255,000
Less Selling Costs ($658,600)
Less Other Leasing Costs ($26,000)
TOTAL REVENUE  (before GST paid)$10,596,400
Less GST paid on all Revenue($750,455)
TOTAL REVENUE  (after GST paid)$9,845,945
Gross Sales Revenue$11,255,000
Less Selling Costs ($658,600)
Less GST paid on all Revenue($750,455)
TOTAL REVENUE  (after GST paid)$9,845,945
Lot #TypeFrontage (m)Depth (m)Lot size (m²)Land Price
1Torrens Lot17.840633$595,000
2Torrens Lot1340510$580,000
3Torrens Lot1340510$580,000
4Torrens Lot1340510$580,000
5Torrens Lot1340510$580,000
6Torrens Lot1340510$580,000
Existing House63$1,480,000
8Strata Lot16.830418$560,000
9Strata Lot13.833456$575,000
10Strata Lot17.4934477$575,000
11Strata Lot12.534431$565,000
12Strata Lot12.534431$565,000
13Strata Lot2034695$620,000
14Strata Lot12.530375$550,000
15Strata Lot12.530375$550,000
16Strata Lot12.530375$550,000
17Strata Lot12.530442$550,000
Total AUD
Land Purchase Cost$3,000,000
Land Acquisition Costs$193,825
Construction Costs (inc. Contingency)$2,281,650
Subdivision Costs$815,000
Other Construction Costs$1,358,000
Contingency $108,650
Professional Fees$577,940
Statutory Fees$652,978
Gallery Securities - AFSL$250,091
Land Holding Costs$31,300
Finance Charges (inc. Fees)$20,000
Interest Expense$978,812
TOTAL COSTS (before GST reclaimed)$8,009,412
TOTAL COSTS (after GST reclaimed)$8,009,412
Net Development Profit$1,836,533
Development Margin (Profit/Risk Margin)21.25%
Land Purchase Cost$3,000,000
Land Acquisition Costs$193,825
Construction Costs (inc. Contingency)$2,281,650
Professional Fees$577,940
Statutory Fees$652,978
Financing Costs$1,021,629
AFSL Fees and Charges$250,091
Land Holding Costs$31,300
TOTAL COSTS (after GST reclaimed)$8,009,413
Net Development Profit$1,836,533
Development Margin (Profit/Risk Margin)21.25%

Project Details

ECHO - Where nature's reflection resides

The interest distribution over the 15 month investment is identified below.

Project name

Echo Upper Coomera


94 Brygon Creek Drive, Upper Coomera Qld


Brygon Creek Developments

Project deliverables

18 individual lots / home sites, including 1 house on a large lot (approx. 1.7ha) which will be receive some renovation and upgrade works


The land is Zoned for residential subdivision


The property has an existing Development Approval for residential subdivision. A minor amendment to the existing approval was lodged on 26th October 2023



What is the selling approach for the proposed lots?

The proposed lots are sold individually with a well-planned marketing campaign conducted by an experienced agent in this niche. We've allocated a reasonable selling period and costs in line with market expectations.

Do the development costs cover all conditions outlined in the approval package?

Yes, the development costs encompass all conditions mentioned in the approval package at the time of printing.

Are there any potential variations in land subdivision costs?

Yes, land subdivisions may be subject to cost variations due to unforeseen works, which could impact project returns.

Is the residential market stable?

While the market fundamentals are moderate, it's important to note that the residential market is cyclical, and a correction is always possible. Regular valuation advice is recommended to monitor market value changes.


What is the current status of the Development Application?

There is an existing approval for residential development of the land. This approval incorporates approvals for tree clearing, subdivision into residential lots and has acknowledged that all necessary infrastructure including but not limited to power, water & sewer are available at the site.

The minor amendment to the existing approval was lodged on 26th October 2023.

Do the development costs in the feasibility cover all conditions outlined in the approval?

Yes, the development costs encompass all conditions mentioned in the approval package at the time of printing. Furthermore, there is a contingency within the feasibility of 5% of the construction cost allowed for any unforeseen cost increases.

We have close relationships with local civil contractors. A tender document is currently being completed by our project engineer to be issued to 3 shortlisted contractors.

Gallery Group is currently developing 45 homes in the same suburb of Upper Coomera, as a result we have a clear understanding of current costs.

What is the sales strategy for the proposed lots?

Each lot will be marketed as a fixed price house and land package through Gallery Homes. The types of housing include traditional homes, Dual Dwellings, Coliving homes, with each of these available as SMSF compliant houses.

Gallery Group is currently developing a 45 home project in Upper Coomera. The project is due for completion in August 2024 and 41 of the 45 homes are sold with unconditional contracts.

Gallery Homes has an extensive wholesale network focussed entirely on South-East Queensland.

There is limited supply of land on the Gold Coast so the wholesale network eagerly await the release of Echo.

In the event that there are unsold lots nearing the time of land registration the land will be offered to the local market on REA.

How do we know that the numbers in the feasibility are accurate?

Leading valuation firm Herron Todd White have completed a valuation of 94 Brygon Creek Drive for mortgage purposes. The valuation has been completed on an ‘AS IS’ basis and an ‘AS IF COMPLETE’ basis.

The valuation is available on request.

Critical Condition

Who will construct the development, and what standards will it meet?

The development will be constructed by a reputable contractor and will comply with all relevant development conditions, statutory requirements, and the requirements of relevant authorities.

How will monetary policy changes affect the housing market?

Yes, the development costs encompass all conditions mentioned in the approval package at the time of printing.

Market Performance

What impact will interest rate rises have on new sales?

The full impact of interest rate rises is expected to adversely affect new sales in the next six months.

What can we expect regarding rental rates and vacancy levels?

Rental rates are projected to continue rising, with vacancy rates expected to remain below the equilibrium level in most sub-markets.

Who is the target market for the project?

The project is designed to appeal to both owner-occupiers and investors, given its location and product type.

Are there any supply-related risks for the project?

There is a moderate risk of increased supply from competing products, with some moderate supply currently available in the market.

Land Use Issues

Is the site subject to environmental concerns?

No, a search of the Environmental Management Register (EMR) and Contaminated Land Register (CLR) indicates that the site is not listed on either register.

Are there any concerns related to flora and fauna affecting the property?

There is no remnant vegetation or flora and fauna that would affect the property's development potential. There are no warrant costs associated with habitat assessment or compensation for habitat destruction.

Archaeological Status

Are there any archaeological concerns on the site?

No, the site has no archaeological classifications, and there are no materials within the site that would adversely affect its use, marketability, or development entitlement.




Coomera Town Centre Development.



Westfield Coomera Projects opened October 2018.



Created from Costco Coomera which opened in 2023.



Proposed Private hospital – 400 beds.



Coomera Connector funding announced in FY2023 State Budget.


Cars alleviated

Coomera Connector expected to alleviate congestion by 60,000 cars from the M1.




Gold Coast Hinterland & Tamborine National Park

Brisbane CBD (30 mins) 06. Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard

Gold Coast Beaches (20 mins)

M1 Pacific Motorway

Coomera TAFE

Hope Island Resort Golf Course

Sanctuary Cove


Westfield Coomera

Coomera Springs State School - Upper Coomera Prep-6 Government Primary School 3.4km north-east

Coomera Anglican College - Upper Coomera Prep-12 Independent Combined School 3.0km north-east

Saint Stephen's College – Coomera Prep-12 Independent Combined School 2.8km east

Assisi Catholic College - Upper Coomera Prep-12 Catholic Combined School 2.7km north-east

Highland Reserve State School - Upper Coomera Prep-6 Government Primary School 2.6km south

Upper Coomera State College - Upper Coomera Prep-12 Government Combined School 1.8km east

Contact Us

07 5514 8557

Suite 38E-K, The Promenade,Sanctuary Cove, Qld 4212

Thank You for Registering!

We appreciate your registration.

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The information contained in this document was prepared and issued by Gallery Securities Pty Ltd (AFSL 506347) and relates to the offer for investment in Loan Notes by Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd. Investment in the Loan Notes is restricted to sophisticated investors. Applications to invest must be made on an application form attached to or accompanying the information memorandum for the offer of the Loan Notes.

The information in this document is general information only and does not consider the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. Accordingly, persons accessing the information should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to their own objectives, financial situation and needs; and consult their financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

This document includes information that is predictive in character, which may be affected by inaccurate assumptions or by known or unknown risks and uncertainties and may differ materially from results ultimately achieved. An investment in the Loan Notes is subject to risk, including those relating to lending to a development project. Returns are not promised or guaranteed; nor is the return of capital. Actual returns may differ from those forecast. Investment decisions should not be based upon the past performance or returns achieved for other Gallery projects or investments since these can vary. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Except as required by law, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to the fairness, accuracy or completeness of the information, opinions, and conclusions, or as to the reasonableness of any assumption contained in this document. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Gallery (including Gallery Securities Pty Ltd and Gallery Finance Echo Pty Ltd), and any of its respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, and advisers are released from any liability (including, without limitation, in respect of direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising by negligence or default) in relation to any anything contained in, or omitted from, this document.


All investments come with various levels of risk. While numerous factors can influence how an investment performs, the following section provides a summary of some key risks that investors should be mindful of when considering an investment in the Company.

Prior to making an investment, potential investors should assess whether the Company aligns with their individual investment goals, financial situation, and specific requirements and circumstances. Additionally, investors should carefully evaluate their risk tolerance, return expectations, as well as the frequency and nature of their investments, along with their investment time horizon. Seeking professional guidance to establish investment objectives and strategies is advisable.

Please note that the risks mentioned below do not cover all possible risks, and whether a risk is explicitly mentioned in this section or not, it could have a significant impact on the Company's performance and value.

Nonetheless, our team's substantial experience equips us to proactively mitigate these risks and effectively manage any unforeseen challenges that may arise.


Market Risk

This pertains to the risk that adverse shifts in the broader property market and any markets to which the Company has exposure could affect its ability to fully recoup the invested amounts in these markets.

The Company will maintain vigilance over the prevailing economic conditions by regularly receiving reports on various facets of the Australian economy and the influence of market events and other factors on different industry sectors and real estate properties. In evaluating investments, the Company will consider the overall market conditions.

Interest Rate Risk

Fluctuations in interest rates can have detrimental impacts on the Company's value through different channels. If interest rates rise, it can impact the amount of interest that the Company must pay while the project is in the construction phase, potentially affecting the project's overall profitability.

The Company will keep a close watch on the cash rate established by the RBA and the interest rates associated with any variable interest rate loans the Company may have with lenders to identify and respond to any potential changes proactively.

Liquidity Risk

All capital invested in this Company will be utilized for the execution of the development project. Consequently, the Company will lack liquidity throughout the investment period until the exit strategy can be executed. Consequently, investors will be unable to redeem their investment until the conclusion of the investment period.

Investors will only be entitled to receive income generated from the sale of the finished properties.

There is no secondary market available for the shares, and it is improbable that an active secondary market will emerge.

Prospective investors should only contemplate investing in the Company if they do not anticipate needing access to their investment capital for the duration specified in this Information Memorandum.

Mandate Risk

The Company will carry out this property development project in alignment with its specified mandate. Investors will not possess direct authority over the property development procedure or the allocation of capital within the Company.

Regulatory Risk

There exists a potential for government policy and regulatory adjustments to have an adverse impact on the Company's operations. While we cannot predict forthcoming policy alterations, both the Company and the Project Manager are committed to addressing this risk through vigilant monitoring and responsive measures in the face of possible regulatory and policy shifts.

Taxation Risk

There is a potential risk that the tax treatment applied to the Company could diminish the returns realized by an investor. For this reason, investors are advised to seek their own counsel and guidance concerning the tax implications associated with an investment in the Company.

Limited Control by Investors

Investors will not have the authority to manage or engage in the Company's day-to-day activities, make investment decisions on behalf of the Company, or play a role in Company transactions.

Management Risk

The Company's success hinges on the competence and background of its employees and the Project Manager. However, there is no assurance that employees will remain with the Company or the Project Manager, or that they will remain committed to the Company's endeavours. Past performance by the Company, the Project Manager, or their staff does not necessarily foreshadow future outcomes. Despite diligent efforts to attain the Company's investment objectives by both the Company and the Project Manager, there is no guarantee of their successful achievement.


Delay Risk

Numerous crucial aspects of property development are beyond our immediate influence. It is conceivable that third parties, such as architects, planners, engineers, realtors, and local authorities, may not fulfill their obligations within the agreed-upon schedules. The failure of these third parties to adhere to these schedules can impact the overall development timeline and potentially result in delays.

In the event of project delays, we offer compensation to investors by providing additional returns beyond the originally targeted amount.

Environmental Risk

Modifications to, or unanticipated environmental, archaeological, and ethnographic factors and demands could influence the advancement and expenses associated with the project, potentially leading to diminished returns for investors. To address this risk, the Company will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the development site and enlist an impartial land surveyor to furnish a site suitability report.

Construction Risk

Investments made in the Company may be allocated to property construction projects, which inherently entail specific associated risks. These risks encompass:

1. The potential insolvency of the builder.
2. The possibility of construction or development costs exceeding the budgeted amounts, necessitating the acquisition of additional funds to complete the projects.
3.The likelihood of reserve funds earmarked for project completion falling short of covering the full cost.

To manage these risks and their components, the Company will undertake the following measures:

1. Securing guaranteed maximum price building contracts with reputable and experienced builders who specialize in the intended construction type.
2. Procuring materials in bulk ahead of time to safeguard against shortages and price fluctuations.
3. Implementing standard construction techniques for the projects and maintaining adequate building insurance coverage.
4. Vigilantly monitoring all construction loan drawdowns to ensure that ample funds remain available for project completion. If deemed necessary, an independent quantity surveyor or construction cost manager may be engaged before project commencement to facilitate this process.
5. Requiring the developer to incorporate a contingency provision within the total construction costs specified in the debt funding for each project.

Additionally, there exists a potential for project completion delays. In such cases, the Company reserves the right to extend the investment term if necessary. This extension may result in postponed capital and income returns for investors.

Contractor and Third-Party Risk

Contractors and third-party entities commissioned to carry out tasks on a project might face insolvency or contractual defaults, potentially resulting in project delays or affecting its feasibility.

To address this risk, the Company will adopt the following measures:

1. The Company will carefully choose contractors who possess a strong financial standing and a demonstrated track record of reliable performance. Additionally, Director guarantees will be secured.
2. Ensuring that appropriate insurance policies are in effect to provide additional safeguards.

Sales Risk

The primary means of concluding this investment is through the sale of the developed properties. However, it's important to acknowledge that the sale of these properties might prove to be more challenging than initially expected, potentially impacting the attainment of projected sales prices.

If the properties remain unsold for a period exceeding six months following the registration of titles, the Company may initiate an alternative exit plan. This could involve options such as repurchasing investors' shares or pursuing a refinancing approach for the development. These strategies aim to generate the necessary liquidity to fulfill investor capital and returns obligations.