Bulimba Lifestyle: Perfect Balance Between Luxury and Simplicity

The suburb of Bulimba is considered as one of the best places to live in Queensland, especially for families and professionals. The suburb offers a contemporary and diverse lifestyle with accessible amenities, convenient transportation, collective community, high employment rate and quality way of life.

Housing in Bulimba

Bulimba’s real estate is applauded for its many housing features mainly its location but so much more. Architecture designs for most properties accommodate the contemporary lifestyle of the community.

The median property price in Bulimba is $1,280,500. Gallery Homes is building prestige homes with stunning architecture. Many of these luxury properties in Bulimba stand out because of their quirky design and modern features. Leafy greens surrounding the entire suburb balances luxurious lifestyle and simple living.

Architectural homes in Bulimba are modernly designed to maximise space, accommodate home security systems and improve lifestyle. There are many older style homes in the suburb currently under renovation and will soon enter the market.

You’ll see a lot of properties with bespoke interior and exterior designs. Another trend going on not only in Bulimba but in the entire city of Brisbane is the Super-garage craze. Homeowners are turning their cluttered garage into a real estate selling point. Some are turning their garage into a creative space and others into a gym.

Another great feature of Bulimba is that it’s next to the Brisbane River. The suburb is attracting a lot of buyers from other states interested in waterfront properties. More are sure to come, mostly from Sydney and Melbourne.

Living in Bulimba

Bulimba CityCat

Living in Bulimba means having the Brisbane river right at your doorstep. The suburb has a strong village atmosphere with all the trees, the river and the quiet vibe. On the right side of the river is the lively city of Brisbane just 20 minutes away from Bulimba. You can also take the CityCat to get to the city. Many of the residents consider Bulimba as an “inner-city island.” With the river in between, residents enjoy the best of both worlds, proximity and separation.

Most properties in the suburb have their own terrace, balcony, verandah or bay window that gives people a beautiful view of the city skyline and the river. During the summer, residents and visitors are still able to stroll around with the breeze from the river pushing the heat away.

Amenities, Necessities and Activities

Bulimba Bellissimo Coffee

Photo by Bellissimo Coffee

Within walking distance around the suburb are vibrant cafes, restaurants, boutiques, retail stores, cinemas, bars, and pubs with great eats. There are also a couple of grocery stores and supermarkets. You can also take a quick ferry ride to New Farm to buy organic and fresh produce from a couple of farmers’ markets.

Bulimba House on Oxford

Photo by Bulimba House on Oxford

For some quality time with the family, most parks are within walking distance. Bulimba Riverside Park is the perfect place for you and your family. It has a playground with climbing nets, seesaw, spinning puzzles and swings for children. The entire play area has shade sails. There are also ocean-themed play structures. If you brought food with you, there are picnic shelters, bench seats and toilet facilities. Street parking is easy and dogs can run around the park.


Bulimba Riverside Park

Emergency and Security

Hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacies are only a couple of minutes away by car. Law enforcement and surveillance systems are active 24/7 in keeping the community safe from any kind of harm.

“The community spirit is excellent, it is really safe to walk around day or night,” Suzie who has lived in Bulimba for more than 6 years said on Homely.com.

Great Schooling

Bulimba State School

Another great thing about the suburb is its great schools. Bulimba State School in Oxford St is one of the best education institutions in Brisbane. You can also enroll your kids at the prestigious Saints Peter and Paul’s Catholic School. Another great school in the area is the Bulimba Primary School, definitely one of the most beautiful schools in all of Queensland

Building a Luxury Home in Bulimba

If you are considering building a luxury, architecturally designed home in Bulimba, Gallery Group has a specialist team to help. With the unique architect and builder relationships, we can reduce costs while maximizing value and deliver masterpiece homes. Click here to contact a Luxury Home Specialist.